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Brendan Fraser IS the American Way.There are certain companies that we expect to not be “with it.” In fact, if those companies tried to rebrand themselves as “hip” or “edgy,” we would be more concerned than relieved.

One of those are airlines, but they don’t know that yet. A couple are now using social media to “reach fans” and address complaints.

JetBlue uses Twitter to respond to people complaining to porn spambots about their delayed flights. Amazingly for an airline that’s only one step above riding with free-range chickens, JetBlue only has one communications employee running their “Here’s a coupon, dawg” service.

American Airlines has a fan page on Facebook. Yes, you can now add the Big AA to your friendlist, presumably so they’ll tell all their other fans to read your blog. Be sure to compliment them on their big exposé on suede leather jackets in American Way, their award-winning in-flight magazine.

Just a reminder to airlines, energy drink chemists and politicians: it’s not social networking if you’re advertising on it. Then it’s just another way to receive spam AND diminish your reputation.

No tweetu-chan

Tweeting isn’t for everyone. Not me, mind you. Friends of mine can probably agree with me that I thoroughly enjoy the service, allowing a ridiculous amount of gobbledy-gook to random flow from my insane cerebrum to the INTARWUBS. All of the Guys tweet. SeriouslyGuys, our website, has even gained machine sentience and tweets. It seems like it might take a lot longer for Japan at large though, as a recent survey by the iBridge monitor group revealed that just 2.6% of Japanese people ever used Twitter (current and in the past) and only 16% even know what it is. Of those who used the service, more than two-thirds reported having at least four followers.

Given how much Japan uses its cellphones, I’d have thought Twitter to be an almost immediate hit, since it can direct messages via SMS (lamest use of Twitter, though-iPhone FTW). Plus, with kanji, one can say a lot more in 140 characters. Then again, Japanese also have an unparalleled level of mobile net access. Do they have a problem with reading all the messages from the bottom up? Perhaps they have something better that they’ve been using all along?

SeriouslyGuys thinks we know what they’re doing.